John MacMurray

John Macmurray

What if God is better than we have ever imagined?


About the New Book

A Spiritual Evolution is a story of transformation and growth — a journey from dogmatism and fear to freedom and love. With self-effacing humor and refreshing candor, John MacMurray examines the story of God he inherited from his “religious” family. What he uncovers are familiar and all too common distortions that shaped his view of God and crippled his spirit. Then, like a seasoned teacher, John probes our beliefs with a stream of relentless questions that had haunted him for years. Religious fears are exposed and assumptions topple like dominos promising a renewed sense of hope, joy, and freedom. 

If you have been left holding the ashes of your deconstructed faith with nothing left to trust or love—then this book is for you.



Upcoming Events

April 28, 2019 10:00AM

Coastlands Vineyard Church, 501 Sequoia St. Morro Bay, CA 93442

April 30 - May 3, 2019

School of Theology in Morro Bay, CA.
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SChool of theology, june session

June 1-7, 2019. The dream of School of Theology is that every participant might begin to know that God is better than they ever imagined and that they are included and embraced in his abundant goodness. We believe this is best realized as we consider everything through who Jesus is.

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Open table conference, June 2019

June 7-9, 2019. The Open Table is a unique conference that provides space for authentic dialogue as we explore questions about God, life, and spirituality. It is part of a relational movement, a growing awareness, that bows at wonder and mystery and delights in love and freedom. 

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Love has ever in view the absolute loveliness of that which it beholds.
— George MacDonald


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Whether in a sanctuary or a bar, a classroom or a living room; John MacMurray loves to communicate that God is better than we imagine. If you would like to have John at your next event please fill out the form below to submit a request.

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