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June 8, 2018 19 00 0

Open Table Conference in Portland, Oregon

June 8 – 10, 2018

The Open Table is a unique conference that provides space for authentic dialogue as we explore questions about God, life, and spirituality. It is part of a relational movement, a growing awareness, that bows at wonder and mystery and delights in love and freedom. Hidden agendas do not fuel our conversation, rather it is the relentless love of God, like living waters filling the deepest spaces of our stories, that we seek to engage.

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God is better than we have ever imagined. -John MacMurray

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A Glimpse of Beauty

Over the past seven years I have been increasingly involved with social media. Not that I wanted to — heavens no! No, my travels on the internet highway have been more out of necessity because of my involvement with the Open Table Conference. Anyway, something I’ve frequently noticed in the majority of posts, blogs, and tweets […]

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The Revelation of God

The other day I was talking with someone about eternal life. I had been saying that eternal life is the life of the Triune God and that it becomes ours because we know God. In other words, we experience eternal life because we say “yes” to a relationship with them. The Incarnation surely revealed this, […]

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What do you see on Good Friday?

For those who identify themselves with the Christian faith we have come again to a sacred time of the year. It is Holy Week.[1] Around the globe there are many who will look to the cross today and mostly see wrath and vengeance played out on a cosmic stage. They will see love and mercy [...] Continue Reading