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Checking In With Paul Young

Well, it has been quite a year so far…

2017 saw the release of The Shack as a major motion picture, and it is still going strong. The novel ended back on the NY Times at #1 for six week in a row. Lies We Believe About God, released at almost the same time as the movie as did the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) TV series that I shot with them last summer in Montana, called ‘Restoring the Shack’. Coming in the Fall, is the release of a powerful docu-drama called, “The Heart of Man.”

I was honored to participate in a conference on the Trinity with Richard Rohr and Cynthia Bourgeault, spoke at the New Canaan Society national conference in DC, nine cities in ten-days tour with World Vision Canada, and much more. This week, I am speaking at Google and Apple HQs, at Bethel’s Creative Arts Conference in Redding and then heading out next week to Hong Kong and China for ten days.

A couple times a year, friends John MacMurrayDr. C Baxter Kruger and I, host the Open Table Conference. The next one is coming up June 9-11, 2017, in Portland, Oregon. OTC is not intended to be a huge gathering but one where the table of conversation is open and accessible, a safe place in which we can explore an intimate dialogue important and personal questions, about faith and our humanity, about loss and Jesus, and about the significant shifts happening in our cultures. The speakers ‘set the table’ and after that everyone who is present sets the direction of the conversation. I would love to see you there. If you would like to know more, please visit

John MacMurray