On the Road to Justice

I live just 30 minutes outside of Portland, OR. Not far from where presently, there is a huge fire raging. I am also a nature photographer by vocation and this fire happens to be in the Columbia River Gorge, one of the most naturally beautiful and scenic areas in all of the United States. Consequently, [...] Continue Reading

Upside Down Commitment

Ever hear the phrase, “You need to commit your life to Christ”? I have… used to hear it and say it all the time. It was the prescription for spiritual health. Struggling with anxiety? You need to commit your life to Christ. Emotionally gutted because of betrayal or treachery? You need to commit your life […]

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Checking in with Paul Young

Well, it has been quite a year so far... 2017 saw the release of The Shack as a major motion picture, and it is still going strong. The novel ended back on the NY Times at #1 for six week in a row. Lies We Believe About God, released at almost the same time as [...] Continue Reading

What’s So Good About Good Friday?

Here is a day to remember – the day God died. And in the moment of a phrase and the breath of a word we have entered into Mystery. Pause with me and consider the astonishing story that reveals a love that stuns us into silence… Without a word, the Word, who spoke all things […]

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The Forgotten Virtue

I know a small group of men who meet every 6-8 weeks to express and discuss those things that are important in their lives. They call the meeting The Gathering Fire. Moments like these are rich with laughter and friendship. Yet the conversation always seems to transcend the ordinary when we begin to share the […]

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Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve 2016… Our family is home together this Christmas… and that is a gift. We hosted many dear friends for a wonderful party last night and it too was a gift. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, we will take part in the tradition of giving and receiving gifts. These are good days for our family. This […]

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